wide-eyed lu

little girl lost
wakes to sprinklers hitting her face
lying in the mud, wishing for a hint of fallen grace
with a thunderous hunger in her gut
she stretches out before she gets up

little boy blue
drinks away the hazy afternoon
while wide-eyed lu sits up straight and waits for the moon
the streetlights buzz for no-one
but the moon, it never comes

everyone is talking
even when they're silent and alone
the stoics all deny it but the lovers never hide their moans
the sinners rush to repent for all they've done
before we're all absolved by the sun

somebody's child
is dancing barefoot in the wet grass
while nobody's child is running barefoot through the broken glass
with a smile aching in her cheeks
she's dancing now, far beyond your reach

for she is her own guardian
she knows how much it means to be free
of those who close their hearts so they don't have to see
and the peddlers who sell off their own beliefs
and the mothers who only learned to weep
and the runners who only live to seek
and the smugglers preying on the weak
and the hustlers selling their souls for cheap

and that darkness, ever creeping
only finds her while she's sleeping